Monday, August 11, 2014

Diggin' Series HUGE Giveaway!

Well, I don't know about you all, but I love myself a good giveaway.  However, this one is a GREAT giveaway!  9 winners.  Awesome gifts.  Amazing Bloggers!  I've been so lucky to learn from all of these great bloggers this summer for everything from classroom management to structuring writer's workshop!  So enter away! 

Are you ready?

 We could hardly wait to end our Diggin’ Series with the BEST giveaway of the season!


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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back to School Parent Resources, Currently, and the TpT Sale!!

School's starting soon!?  We start tomorrow.  I know, who starts students on a Monday?  Poor Kindergartners will be dragging by Wednesday.

One good thing?  It's time for TpT'S Back to School Sale! Click here to view all of the items in my store. 

Well, to help out, I've created a Parent/Volunteer Communication FREEBIE!  Check out how I set mine up.

1. Pick a binder...I wanted my fun Vera Bradley one I got a long time ago, although a front view would be nice for me to slide a cover into, but oh well!

2. Next, print, and 3 hole punch.  I have the Parent Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet out during Ice Cream Social and Meet the Teacher Night.  Then, I fill out the calendar based on their availability.

3. I use dividers with each student's name to make their own place in the binder. Once I pass out the info sheet (or fill it out myself), I put it in the binder.  This helps me keep track of my communication with parents.  Also, if you see the small black squares at the bottom, that's where I record contacting parents for GOOD things!  I want to make a better effort at that, so I thought if there was a spot for it, it would remind me.  

 4. Finally, one activity I have parents do is called The Story of My Child (included in the freebie!).  This is where parents tell me about their child both from an academic standpoint, but also outside of school.  I keep it in the binder so that I am always reminded of the ins and outs of the child.

Here are some other great Back to School Items you might want!  The first is EDITABLE!  It has a TON of different themed postcards for welcoming students to your class, praising them throughout the year, honoring perfect attendance, or just creating your own personalized note to give to students.  


*You decide if you want to mail them or give them to them based on the template you print on the back!*

And here are some resources I use often from the Office perspective, but are great for the classroom, too!

And now to the August Currently by the footloose and fancy free, Farley!  Yes, it's August 3rd, but Friday just was not going to happen!  We were back to school with staff already. :)  

I hope everyone has a terrific Sunday!  Gotta run...and stock up my TpT cart with some good buys!