Monday, April 16, 2012

Furry Friends Linky and a New Blog Design!!!

Anybody notice the new blog design!?!?!?!  I was so excited when it was up and running!  Thanks to Kenna at Project 3 Designs for all of her hard work!  I love it!

Furry Friends?  Of course!  I think most of you have met (through our friendly blogging world), my running buddy, but now I get to share a little bit more about him with Soaring through Second Grade's Linky Party!  Woot woot!! Or should I say Ruff! Ruff!  (Okay, that was too much, sorry!)

My husband grew up with dogs, and while I never had them, my sister and I always asked for one growing up.  The Mr. had been begging for a dog, and I kept saying no.  I didn't want to clean up after it, pay for the vet, and have dog hair everywhere.  A teaching friend of mine (Thanks, Krista!) told me one day that her uncle was giving away labs!  YES!  GIVING THEM AWAY!  To pass up a free chocolate lab would be like passing up pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving!  Not possible!  So that's how I came to have a dog.
Life Lesson: Taking risks and doing something you said you'd never do might turn out to be okay!  In this case, it turned out to be something I loved!
These are my favorite moments!  When I look outside, and he is snoozing away in the yard.  Love him! Lesson: Relaxing is a necessity!
This pic is from an inferencing unit I did with my kids and Scout!  He taught us all about a new reading strategy...and engaged all of the students!  
Lesson: use animals to help me teach!

This is my all time favorite picture of Scout.  One of our good friends took this pic of Scout running on a frozen lake.  Just beautiful.  
Lesson:  Don't forget how beautiful nature can be!

Scout, thanks for being a great running buddy, a great companion, a warm body on a cold night, and a friend to get the mail with.  You are amazing!



Tammy said...

Your new design is great!
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Lisa said...

Love your new blog design, Scout is a beautiful dog, and that last picture---AMAZING!!!!!

Live Laugh and Love to Learn

Sandy said...

Scout is wonderful!!! Thank you so much for sharing! And I love the lessons he's taught true!!!!! :-) Love your blog design too!!!

Dianne said...

Thanks for sharing Scout with us and welcome to bloggy world! I'm your newest follower!
Hopelessly Devoted to Teaching

Tamera said...

Hi! Nice new design
I am your newest follower!
:) Tamera

Cynthia said...

I just found and joined your blog. I have no idea what it looked like before, but it's very nice now!


2nd Grade Pad

Miss Trayers said...

Wow! Such an active pup. I love the snow pic! Being in Texas we don't get to play in snow as much-I wonder how my baby would react.