Sunday, September 23, 2012

I placed 1st in my Age Group*!!!

Yep!  You read it right!  I placed 1st in my age group for a 5K I did yesterday! But let's go back a bit...

My school district has a foundation that supports educational grants and school initiatives.  They were holding a 5K as a fundraiser yesterday.  We were highly encouraged to participate in one of two ways. We could either volunteer at a water station or split timing location or we could run the 5K.  Well the choice seemed pretty obvious for me, especially when I heard that volunteers had to show up at 5:30am!  My start time wasn't until 8:00!

I called a friend to run it with me, and we headed for the start line.  As I looked around, it was a decent turnout, but definitely not the largest crowd I've run alongside.  My friend, Lindsey, and I finished the race, grabbed water and a banana and headed for the car.  Later that day, I received a text message that we had won our age group!

Okay, now I've run, but I'm not a great runner.  I've done a lot of different distances, but I'm not a sprinter by any means.  I was shocked!  I ran to my computer, pulled up the results, and this is what I saw:

Ha! Yes, go back and look at that.   Go on.  Study it.  Look really hard.  Yep, you got it!  There were only 4 in my age group! At a whopping pace of of 9:19/minute I placed 1st.  Notice the asterisk in the title of my post?  Well that's because there were only 4.  Since I left early I didn't get the trophy, but I'll be back later in the week to show off my hardware after beating 3 people!

Lesson of the run...and placing 1st:
If you ever need a confidence boost or something to reenergize your running (or teaching) efforts, sign up for something small and casual.  Sometimes going in without expectations makes both the task and the result even more enjoyable.

And yes, now you can laugh again about having only 4 people on my age group!

Enjoy your week, and set some small goals along the way!


Kate said...

Your pace sounds great to me!! My 11 minute miles could use some work :) Last year, I placed first in my age group in my school's 5K... except I was the ONLY person in my age group! It pays to be a young teacher :) Congratulations!

EduKate and Inspire

Ms Ed.ju.kayt said...

Nice to find your sweet blog ... I am an Aussie teacher and looking forward to finding out what happens on the other side of the world :)

Barbara said...

What a thrill! Nice going;)

Grade ONEderful
Ruby Slippers