Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's December 1...and time for the Cyber Monday Sale and Linky!

Can you believe that December is upon us?!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to enjoy our family and the many traditions of the holidays before going crazy with Black Friday.

Well with the shopping season in full swing, the oh-so-lovely CYBER MONDAY SALE IS HERE ON TPT!  Join some great TpT Sellers on a Linky Adventure.

My advice as you embark on this GrEaT adventure?
1. Light a great holiday smelling candle.
2. Slide on some comfy clothes.
3. Blast some Mariah Carey X-mas tunes in the background.
4. Send your hubby to the other room to watch football.
5. Login to TpT and leave feedback for all of your previously made purchases to build up your credits!
6. Then shop, shop, shop away to make your 2nd semester filled with great new products and exciting adventures for you and your students.

So here are my Top 3 on my TPT Playlist:

1. Weather Super File Folder
This is my top seller!  It allows you to use what you need or want to personalize it for your classroom. The kids always love the foldables too!

Originally $5.00       With my 20% off sale = $4.00          And with TpT cyber discount = just $3.60!!

2. And #2 on my list is a Poetry Unit with 55 pages of different types of poetry, differentiated writing pages, and helpful posters to model and show students each type!

Originally - $4.00           With my 20% off sale - $3.20        With TpT cyber sale - just $2.88!


3. And finally...for a great steal with a sale price of just $1.08 with my 20% off and TpT's cyber sale is my 2 Digit Addition with Regrouping Game!  Another best seller!

And will be just $1.08.  These games are perfect for math stations, a substitute teacher, or just a fun afternoon when you want and need to do educational pieces, but your kids are not quiet as on board as you are!

Feel free to visit my store for other great deals that might be on your Top 3 Playlist! Gotta run!

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