Friday, May 2, 2014

Mayhem! It's Currently Time then...

Happy Friday to all!  Although it's a bit gloomy here in Indy, it's still Friday!  Can you believe it's May already?  May is always a great's birthday, Mother's Day (my 1st!), flowers blooming, and the Indy 500!  The month of May is jam packed with great things, and I love it!  To get the month started off right, here is my May Currently from Farley's Linky.

Listening: One of the many perks of staying home with my baby is getting to watch The Today Show! I just love it!

Loving:  Our weather has been pretty hit or miss, but 80 degrees is coming our way!  Can't. Wait!

Thinking: I'm not going to lie...I really enjoy staying in my PJs while at home with my baby!  It is so much fun to stare at him, play with him, and know that I can do it all in my pajamas!

Wanting: I hate cleaning the bathrooms in my house!  I don't know why, because I just love it when I actually do get around to it, but there is minimal motivation to actually do it on a regular basis.  A magic wand would be awesome!

Needing: I haven't had a Frap from Starbucks in over a year and for some reason it's calling my name today!  Friday treat?  I think so!

Surprise: I've had two good friends who have been blogging and TpT motivators for me, and I'm so lucky to call them both friends!  

Krista now lives in California with her family and is Super Mom, Super Blogger, Super everything!  Check her out at Teaching Momster!

Amanda is a dear friend of mine who lives in the Chicagoland area and is a sorority sister of mine.  She writes Learning to the 

On a separate note, I've been working on some 1st grade common core math games this week!  Check out these two at my TpT store.  More to come next week too!  Any specific games you would like to see as you review/wrap up your year? Any grade, any topic.



Alrighty, well I gotta run!  Have a great weekend!



Lucy S. said...

If you ever get a hold of that magic wand, let me know where to get it :D

Grade 4 Buzz said...

I just discovered your blog through Farley's Currently link. I love it and am your newest follower!
Grade 4 Buzz

Sally said...

Love your blog! I'd like to borrow that magic wand when you're done! Enjoy that time with your little one, when you blink, they're in college like mine!

Sally from Elementary Matters

Martin Legault said...

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