Monday, May 7, 2012

Giveaway Winner, Weather Unit, and a Confessional!

Congratulations to Krista on winning the grand giveaway!  I will contact you with further information about obtaining all of the goods!  

Weather Madness

We wrapped up our weather unit last week, and it was a great week for it!  The temperatures were warm and there were various weather related alerts.  To record the highs and lows we watched the video on our local tv station's webpage.  They LOVED watching this, and it brought up a lot of other things about the weather too. We have been filling out our Weather Super Files for the past few weeks, and we wrapped it up by finishing our graphs on Friday. 

With our Weather Test on Wednesday, the students used their Super Files to quiz each other today before taking them home as their study guides.  As teachers we always say, "Don't forget to study," but we often forget to teach them how to study.  The kids had so much fun quizzing each other, and they learned a lot along the way.  We'll see if it pays off on Wednesday (fingers crossed)!

If you want to snag a copy of my Weather Super File Unit, it's on sale right now!  Grab a copy for yourself, and join in on the fun!


Okay, I am now in my 5th year of teaching and I have never done a life cycle unit with my students!  I know, I know, some of you are saying where do you teach?  How do you still have a job? What were you thinking?  Shame on me...I'm aware now!

Teaching 3rd grade, we didn't really cover the life cycle of animals, but I feel like I have let my students down!  I can't believe I never made this a priority!  I'm sure many of you have done butterflies, frogs, or chicks, but I have had a BLAST watching the changes.  The best part, though, happened today.  The butterflies started emerging from their chrysalis and they were in awe!  I even had kids donating their oranges from their lunches to feed them.  I guess this is the best part of never know what a change in your curriculum/grade can offer!  It was a great day on the Riley Ranch! 

 A little extra tidbit. This weekend we headed to Nashville, TN for my sorority sister's wedding and it was Gorgeous!!  I mean I couldn't get over it, and unfortunately pictures don't do it justice.  It was all outdoors on an old plantation with a big red barn, chandeliers, and these hanging Ball Jars with tea lights on all of the trees.  The ambience was beautiful, so I had to share a snip it!


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