Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Currently, Giveaway Reminder, and New Puppy!

Good evening!  It's a crazy night here, but I thought I drop in with a few quick things!

First, it's Farley's May Currently Linky Party!  I love the pageant title at the bottom.  It's a great way to dream at the end of the school year.  Link up to see what our other genius teacher friends are up to!

Giveaway Reminder!!!!
Next up is my reminder about the giveaway that ends on Sunday!  A 12 month subscription to the math website and data analysis amazingness at, a 12 month subscription to Runner's World Magazine, and $10 to spend at my TpT Store!  Yes, $85.00 in giveaways!!!  Click here for the post and to enter for all of the GREATNESS!

New Running Buddy! Meet: Addie!
The Mr. called me at school the other day and said he had found a white german shepard and he really, absolutely had to have the cutest little thing on the planet!  I went home, met her, and now we're a family of 4!  

She is so playful, and then wipes out cold!  Love her to pieces, and can't wait for her to build her stamina for a good run! 

I hope you all have a LOVELY Friday, and a wonderful weekend!  We'll be in puppy world!



Rebecca said...

Ok...Addie is SO flippin' adorable and so is your blog. I'm your newest follower! I found you through Farley's linky party. Come by when you get a chance. I have my May Currently posted!

Bloggy Blessings,

The Teacher's Chatterbox

applesandabcs said...

I just found you through the link up party!


Apples and ABC's

Kimberly said...

Congrats on the new puppy! Addie is adorable!
Funky First Grade Fun

Tricia said...

Cute and smart enough to know the couch is better than the floor. Addie is adorable.

Beth Ann said...

She is so cute!
Many happy adventures running with her are sure to come!
I love your platform!

Ms.Lee @ Calling Plays in 2nd Grade said...

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