Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Running Day!

Happy National Running Day!

As my post on Monday eluded, one of my items on my To Do list was to get back into my running routine.  To get me going, Scout and I enjoyed our second day of running by celebrating this great day!

There are several race organizations who are offering special deals for today!  Including the one below!  $20 off of registration for the Rock n' Roll Marathon Series Races.  These are great races that are done all across the country, so wherever you are there is bound to be one close!  Signing up for a race is also a great way to get yourself motivated and training with a schedule. 



Tammy said...

The Seattle Rock and Roll is a blast.
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Lisa at Stories From Second said...

I've always wanted to do the Nashville Rock and Roll, but it's always the week of our state testing! I like to take the day after a marathon off, and they are always on Sunday, with testing on Monday.:( Happy Running Day!
Stories From Second

Bethany McClure said...

Love your blog! I'm getting back in to running too! I've been off a few months with National Board Certification. I'm planning to do the Rock 'n' Roll Half in Savannah, GA this fall!

Learning is a Journey
Polka Dot Parlor

northierthanthou said...

Cute doggie, but I'm not running (less of course he's chasing me).

Candace Watkins said...

Love your blog! I am happy I found it. Such a beautiful dog. I really need to start running again. This may be the motivation I need. I hope you can check out my little corner of the world.


005 Watkins' Way

twilliams said...

Wow! I so need to run or any kind of exercise. Sadly I lack the motivation! Maybe your blog will inspire me! I am now a follower! Glad I found you and I like the dog.

2nd Grade Pig Pen said...

I hung up my running shoes sometime ago. I need to get back on the road.

Steph said...

Hi there! I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger award :) Feel free to stop by to pick it up!


The Quirky Apple

Jess said...

You dog is sooo cute!! I just awarded you two awards. Come on over to claim them!!!

From Blood to Books!

Becky said...

I have given you an award! Stop by my blog to check it out!!