Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ready, Set, SALES!!!


TpT has geared up for one of their 3 HUGE sales of the year, and I've jumped on board!  With my whole store 20%, and TpT offering another 10% off, you get up to 28% off (after all the crazy math stuff that I don't understand) all of the products.  It's your lucky day!

Don't have time to get the units prepped now? Keep the items you buy in your purchased items section for when you are.  You'll be glad later that you did!

Farley from Oh' Boy, Fourth Grade created this great graphic, so I thought I'd do what great teachers do and steal, beg, borrow, give credit also!  Don't forget to enter BTS12 when you checkout out.  Click on the image above to connect to my store.

Here are some of my most popular items, and then some of my cheap and easies!  
Some are less than $1 with the sale!
A 78 page document with everything you could need for Data Binders and Student Led Conferences

A variety of options for many grade levels to adjust the level of difficulty/content in your study of weather. 

An all inclusive 2-week poetry unit with a variety of writing papers, types of poems, and options for publishing.

It's only $0.78 on sale!  What a steal!  
An easy game of I have, Who has for basic subtraction!  

This is only $1.08 on sale!  Another steal!  
These games are great for beginning of year review, subs, and extra practice!

Happy shopping, and don't forget to leave your ratings afterward, so that you get your TpT credits for future purchases!


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