Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Your Task: Plan your School's Beginning of School Mtg.

Short and simple post tonight...but looking for some big things!

If you were the principal and could plan your Back to School Staff Meeting...

What would you put on the agenda?!?!

Don't you wish your principal asked you this every year?  Well, my principal and I are looking into our agenda for our back to school staff meeting the day before school starts.  We've thrown around a lot of ideas, but I thought I'd come back to my trusty, friendly, compassionate, superstar teachers to give me some real. honest. answers.

Would you want to:
Go over nuts and bolts of the school year?
Protocols? Procedures?
Start looking at student data?
Take an in depth look at your school improvement plan?
Deconstruct Common Core standards?
Do team building activities?
What else? 

What would be THE BEST use of your time, while also tapping into the excellence that is inside of all of you?  And I'm not just asking questions to ask, I really want to know! :)

Your task: Comment with a few things you would put on your agenda, and maybe even one thing you wouldn't put on the agenda


Becky said...

I would like to review protocols and procedures (briefly if there aren't any new people) and discuss any changes that we need to be aware of. We only go back to school 1 day before students get there so our meeting is only an hour or so long. In my district, the entire year is filled with discussions of student data, state test score expectations, & budget cuts so I would avoid those more depressing topics. I hope that helps!

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Amanda said...

I'm a fan of the nuts and bolts and important info meeting. Things you need to know before you begin the school year. I also enjoy team building activities because it helps lighten the mood (everyone is always so stressed right before school) and encourages fun. I would also stay away from data. I find that I'm so consumed with setting my schedule, meeting my kids, and organizing my room that all that info goes in one ear and out the other. I'm a more willing listener a few weeks into school when I have my routines down in class and life has calmed down a bit. Hope this helps.

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A Teacher Without a Class said...

Sounds like you have a great principal!