Friday, February 1, 2013

Free Game and a Super Sale!

My kids have always loved I have...Who has? games, so I've created several variations of the game with math facts.  One of my favorites, though, is the nonfictions conventions game.  I had a teacher who had asked to add more conventions for her upper grade students, so I created an Advanced Version!  Both the primary and advanced versions are free for you here! :)

 Also, I've linked up with TBA's Freebie Friday again!  Check out all of the other great freebies this week!

Super Sale!!

I'm also teaming up with Teachers Pay Teachers for their Super Bowl Sale on Sunday to help all of you super teachers catch some good deals and score some great products (okay, did I go too far on the football wording?).  My store is all 20% off and TpT is throwing in an additional 10% with the code SUPER.

Check out some of my best selling units and ones that might be useful in the near future!  
*Originally $5.00.  With my sale it's $4.00.  With TPT it's just $3.60

*Originally $4.00.  With my sale it's $3.20.  With TPT it's just $2.88!

*Originally $4.00.  With my sale it's $3.20.  With TPT it's just $2.88!

 *Originally $1.50.  With my sale it's $1.20.  With TPT it's just $1.08!

*Originally $1.50.  With my sale it's $1.20.  With TPT it's just $1.08!

You get the's one of TPTs best sales and it's always worth throwing those wish list items into the cart!  I can't wait to finally get some of the things in my cart on Super Bowl Sunday!  

Have a wonderful Friday.  It's my bosses 40th today, so I need to go get all of my black clothes on! :)

Gotta run!


D. Frideley said...

I just found your blog. I love those NF text feature cards. I just put up a NF text feature game in my store. It's my focus for tne entire 6 weeks! Maybe I can use these I have Who has as a way to end class and line up!


Tamera said...

Amen to your pet peeve! Those people can really get in your head if you let them. Half-full is my motto and every day is a new day!


Michaela said...

Your St. Patty's Day unit looks great! Excited for the sale tomorrow!