Monday, January 28, 2013

100th Day=100 pieces of mail! and Super Bowl!

Happy Monday!!  It's January (almost Feb.) and it's 50 degrees in Indy!  I'm also excited to share about my friends' 100th Day Celebration in their classroom...and it's a meaningful activity on this grand day!

Two Kindergarten teacher-friends (Callie and Allison) of mine are now at a new building, but I had to share their continued awesomeness.  To celebrate their 100th day they decided to collect 100 pieces of mail.  A couple of weeks before the big day, they Facebooked, tweeted, and communicated their goal of receiving 100 pieces of mail.  Each day, as they arrived, they read them to the students, kept tallies of the mail they had received, colored the states of origin, and laughed about the pictures people sent in of their teachers.

What a fun colorful bulletin board filled with love!  Oh, and the pink card with the "m" is mine! :)

As you can see by the pictures they received cards, letters, post cards, pictures and small gifts.  A close family friend of one teacher even sent $100-$1 for each day they had been in school!  The class decided to celebrate by buying next books for their classroom and having a pizza party to celebrate their accomplishments!   

After the 100th day, they made the letters available to their students to read and use throughout the day.  One class made this really cute Thank You that the teachers could post on Facebook to thank everyone who helped them.  With the hidden faces, I could use it too!! :)

Next year, they are going to request post cards, create a giant map, and map them as they receive them.  You know teachers...they're always trying to find new and better ways!  Thanks Callie and Allison for sending me pics of such a great activity to celebrate 100th Day!

It's Super Bowl Week!

Find great activities for the big week including math games, graphing activities, mapping, comparing the two teams, reading comprehension, and more!  Check it out, have some fun, and make the planning, morning work, and centers easy to prep this week!

Gotta run...entering data tonight (and watching The Bachelor)! Woohoo!


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Amanda Zanchelli said...

I love the idea of 100 pieces of mail!! What a cute way to tie in math, geography and literacy!!