Monday, January 21, 2013

Super Bowl, Super Cold, Super Delay!

Good evening!  Well today has been great!  Laundry, running, school work, blogging, TpTing, etc.

Super Bowl!
Last year I created a Super Bowl Unit because it was all they hype here in Indy and my kids were obsessed!  Now it will be the Ravens and 49ers with Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh.  How fun will this be.  I have updated the unit to reflect the new teams, added some activities, and did some updates.  Check it out and enjoy a few weeks of football fun!

 Super Cold
Well I can't say that MLK day was filled with outdoor activities and running with the dogs...the windchill right now is 2 degrees and dropping.  Now if you're from Alaska or Minnesota, I know you have no sympathy for me, but it is CoLd!  So off to the gym I went, with my best iTunes workout friend Grace Lazenby.  My husband was doing the stair machine, of which I have done once and swore it off.  It is really hard!  So anyway, I decided on a 30 minute workout which I dialed in through the music on my phone.  I'll fill you in on Grace later in the week.  She doesn't know that she's my best running buddy.  Actually, she doesn't even know that I exist!  Wonder if she'd go along with my inner monologue of people running next to me?  Actually, she probably would be that person next to me.

Super Delay
Did I mention that it is really cold here in Indiana?  Well, it has warranted a 2-hour delay tomorrow!  Woohoo!  So this may not mean that I sleep in, but at least I'll get a couple of hours of work done before the kiddos come in.  :)

The Bachelor is on now...gotta run!

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