Saturday, January 5, 2013

Teacher Evaluations, Internal Motivation, and a Shout Out Linky

Teacher Evaluations Feedback
As I have shifted from a classroom teacher role to an administrative position this year, much of my time is spent in classrooms doing walk throughs and observations.  While doing this I have learned a tremendous amount from teachers I get to watch.  They are amazing at what they do, and I've often thought that everyone should have the opportunity to do this during their career.  It is a great learning experience.  On the flip side, I want to make sure that my teachers are getting the most out of their observations and our conversations that follow.  I thought I'd come to all of you with a question!

What has been the least/most valuable information, format, or feedback you have received from your principal during and after observations? Feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email and let me know your thoughts!

Internal Running Motivation
My husband and I headed to the gym today around noon and it was packed!  I had to wait a couple of minutes for a treadmill, but in my crazy mind I thought I'd get some really good motivation from the people next to me.  I was wrong!  There were two older men next to me who were completely content with their walk.  I was proud of them for getting to the gym and exercising!  However, now it was all up to me!  I decided I was going to run 4 miles (farther than I've gone in a long sad!!).  I began my workout, untangled my headphones during my walking warm up, and started reading the closed captioning about Obama returning from Hawaii.  I finished my 4 mile run with internal motivation!  I don't think I believed that I had that in me, but mission accomplished!  I can not promise that I won't be checking out perfect college girl next to me tomorrow, though.

Shout Out Linky

One of the best things I love about blogging are the people I get to meet and learn about through their words and inspiration.  Marie, from The Hands-On Teacher, gave me a shout out through a Linky because of my blog!  Thanks, Marie, you are the best!  Stop by and give her a shout out in return!

The way the linky works is that you give a shout out to two blogs, one that has more followers than you, and one that has less followers.  So here are mine:

3rd Grade Gridiron is written by Dana, and she is awesome!  First, I love a sports theme.  My first year of teaching I had a sports theme, so visiting her blog always makes me think about my beginning.  Dana is a regular blogger and always has great ideas.  She posts freebies, shares ideas, color codes, etc! I also watched her on the Virtual Teaching Expo a while back and she was wonderful!  Dana, thanks for your constant inspiration!

Learning to the Core is my second shout out.  It is a new blog (just started in November, but has almost 50 followers!!) that focuses on Common Core.  Aylin and Amanda, the authors teacher in the same school but share resources from the primary grades.  Both share creative ways to teach common core through different resources.  A lot of them are FREE!  They both offer great technology advice and ideas.  It is a really fun blog to read and you learn a lot!  Go visit them and share the shout out love!

Join in on the linky and give a shout out to the blogs you love the most!

Enjoy your weekend!


Lisa Mattes said...

You definitely earned the shout out, Mary Beth!

Would love it if you'd link up through the inlinkz linker thingy at the bottom of the Shout Out enter the url of this post, then add your name or your blog name as well as your email (which only I, as linky host, can see)...then your little pic and link will show up and others can come check your awesome blog out!

And - you picked great blogs to shout out!

Smiles - Lisa
Growing Firsties

Andi said...

As a classroom teacher, I have begged to go watch my fellow teachers at work. I learn so much from observing my peers. I STILL use many methods from my intern teacher. My administrators think it is a good idea, but there is never any follow thru. It's sad... Thank goodness for the Teacher Channel and YouTube.
As far as feedback is concerned, if I get some feedback that isn't so great, I'd appreciate some tips on what I should have done instead. Usually, I'll get something random like about my lesson plans when I know he never even went by my plan book. Most teachers want to do well, so we want feedback that will help us become better at our jobs.
Oh yeah, sometimes I'll get nailed because there was one little guy who wasn't engaged during the lesson. (I'm usually blessed with the kiddos who have major behavior problems.) A lot of times you need to know the kid before you judge what's going on. Sometimes, that kid was really good prior to the lesson and he had just hit his threshold. I may not have redirected him because I knew he would have shut-down and then created a whole melt down that no one wants to happen. A majority of the time I have to pick my battles with those kiddos. So, it's best to hear the teachers reasons for those little things that happen during our lessons.
I hope this is helpful.
I think it is really cool that you open up as much as you do on your blog. You are keeping it real!

Aylin Claahsen said...

Thanks so much for giving us the shout out! We're going to do our shout out later this week! Oh and way to rock the 4 miles solely through personal motivation! :)
Learning to the Core

Miss Foote said...

I wish my principal would drop by and give feedback. She rarely visits our classrooms.

My first three years teaching, we had a district person in charge of all the Newbies...he would come observe about once a month and leave feedback. Started with positives and what looked to be going well. Then ended with questions, to fine tune. Very helpful! He also organized field trips for us to go visit other similar grade exemplary teachers within the district.

Chickadee Jubilee

Lisa Mattes said...

So glad to see your cute blog in the Linky! Thanks a bunch!

Elizabeth said...

I found your blog through the Linky! It is super cute! I am on my way to check out your shout outs :)

Jan said...

Love the shout outs--it's so fun to try new blogs. As for the observations, I think anything practical is good. If a principal tells me something I'm doing a wrong, I like it if he can tell me a way to do it right.