Friday, January 25, 2013

Fist to Five, Friday Freebie, and CCSS Blues Update

Fist to Five
I came across a pin on Pinterest talking about the First to Five method for students and their understanding of vocabulary words.  With part of my job in the ELL realm, I fell in love quickly...and so did my kids!  They get really excited when I say, "Fist to five.  Show me what you know about the word: ____."  Students then show on one hand their understanding of various vocabulary words or skills.  It's a quick, effective check for understanding and helps guide your instruction.  Due to my Pinterest inspiration, I cannot take credit for the idea, but I wanted a visual for my students, so I will share this!

Anyway, the premise is that a 0 (or showing your hand with a closed fist) means you've never heard of the word, a 1 is that you've heard of the word, but don't know anything about it, and it continues on to 5, which means you know the word, can explain it to someone, and could use it in context correctly when writing.

Freebie Friday
I'm also linking up with TBA's Freebie Friday to post my Fist to Five posters!  I rarely blog on Fridays, but I figured why not today!?  Come find many other GREAT freebies for your classroom!

Common Core Blues Update
Many of you read my post from Tuesday about my political frustrations with our state wanting to pull out of the CCSS after we had already adopted them in 2010.  They were supposed to vote on Wednesday, but it has postponed a couple of weeks!  I'm hoping this gives people more time to contact their representatives and slow the train rather than build momentum, but we will see!

Gotta run....have a FaNtAsTiC FrIdAy!!!

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