Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Energy and Daily Treadmill Motivation

Energy - the whole month of January just talking about energy!  What a great month to do in which sometimes us Indy people seem to lose energy due to cold weather. I was directed to BlogHer, which is a pretty cool chic who has created a blog about blogging, for blogging, and help for blogging. Each month she has a different focus word and then you write about it.  The month of January's focus word is EnErGy!
The question today: what takes up the most energy during your day?  For me?  I think it's worrying.  I worry about my students.  I worry about my teachers.  I worry about families in my school.  I worry about doing my job right.  I worry about supporting my teachers in a way that improves student learning.  I worry about a lot.  For me, this worry zaps me.  I know I should probably be glad that I worry and care about all of this, but sometimes it can be a bit much.  So when I blog about the perfect college girl next to me on the treadmill, running with the dogs, or running to Xmas music, that is why.  Running gives me some me-time, some no-worry, out of the building, stare at the speed of the chic next to me time.  Wahoo!

Daily Treadmill Motivation
 Alright, so after my blog post yesterday, I realized that maybe I'm not so crazy about my thoughts and many of you made me feel, dare I say it....NORMAL for wanting to outdo the girl next to me.  I mean find motivation from the person next to me.  As I climbed the stairs to the treadmills at my gym, I started realizing that I was searching for an innocent, NY resolutioner who would provide me with my daily motivation.  And much to my appreciation, it was packed.  There was only one treadmill open.  Right by the stairs.  Shoot!  Everyone walks by this treadmill!  I was going to do an easy workout, but now everyone is going to see.   Oh no, there is my neighbor.  He knows that I was a college athlete, he'll expect me to run fast.  I know, MB, it was just Div. III, but still college.  Whew!  My saving grace.  I look at the man next to me. . . a slightly shorter man, walking (Yes!  Walking!) in his mid-50s.  My saving grace.  I did not feel the need to compete with this man which was a good relief.   I complete my warm-up, and decide on 3 miles.  I ramp up my speed, turn on Pandora, and proceed to run.

Oh my goodness!  Where do all of these cute girls come from?!  Seriously, do you all have to come at once?  Why am I on the end by the stairs where everyone can see me again?  Oh yea, MB, you have a sick mind and enjoy it when the gym is busy.  What do you think now?  
I realized today, that my fast-paced 3 miles was due to positional motivation.  The position of my treadmill did not allow for me to blend in with the long row of runners.  I was on the end.  The first one everyone saw as they came up.  The last one they saw as they headed out.

Lesson of the day: Positional motivation works too!  Should I have rethought where I placed student desks?  Do any of them experience positional motivation?



K. Almaraz said...

Such a fun blog post about positional motivation, but I really loved your final connection to where you place your students.

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K. Almaraz @ Our Future is Bright

Ashley said...

Nothing like exercise to boost the energy - keep on running!

Maria Eshman said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I am a fellow runner and yes, I LOVE THE TREADMILL!!!! :) Although... I do not run with headphones or anything. I just try to enjoy the scenery at the gym. CRAZY weight lifters, stretchers, runners, etc. And... I'm sure you've seen the Pinterest thing that said, "If you and I are running next to each other on the treadmill, the answer is.. Yes, we are racing!" :)

Can't wait to keep sharing stories!

ps... interested in the Flying Pig??? First weekend in May in Cincy.

Jennifer said...

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