Friday, March 29, 2013

My 5 Fav Products!

Well, as of 3:40 yesterday I am officially on Spring Break!  Woohoo!  And it's Easter weekend, so why not join in on the fun and throw a sale on my 5 Favorite Products!  Head over to my TPT shop to get 20% off of these products!

Here's a preview of the 5 I've selected!  Click on the image to get a more detailed description.  
 Catch my #1 selling product...Data Binder and Student-Led Conferences!  This is your go-to resource for everything data and setting up student-led conferences.  Enjoy 20% off!

If your weather is anything like Indiana right now, you're going between types of precipitation and seasons all in one week!  We had 9 inches of snow last Monday and a Snow Day!  Tomorrow will be 60 degrees and spring! Enjoy this Weather Unit to help your students understand all this weather mania!

 Ahhh...beloved subtraction with regrouping.  Grab this great review game for just $1.20 through Sunday!

Poetry month is oh so close!  Grab this unit with examples of styles of poetry, differentiated writing pages, and ideas for mentor texts to use to celebrate the month of April. 

9 games in one big back!  Enjoy addition and subtraction format in a fun way...especially at the end of the year!  

Happy shopping!  Gotta really, I'm going to run!  (I'll post about this week's running adventures over the weekend!)

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Shannon said...

I need to check out your poetry unit-I've never taught poetry. GASP! But I've decided that I'm going to dive in this week with my 5th graders. :)

Can't wait to hear about your running adventures from the weekend. I ran a virtual 5k Sunday evening. Slowly. :)