Sunday, April 7, 2013

Grumblings of a 10 miler, Proofing a Product, and TBA Freebie

Happy Sunday to everyone!  Well for those of you following my half marathon training, I had a 10 miler this weekend.  Notice the title is called "grumblings"... it wasn't the best run I've ever done, but it's finished!!  Here are my grumblings by the mile.

Mile 1: Alright, let's get going, Mary Beth!  Whoa, legs aren't so fresh, but this is the warm up.  No worries now.
Mile 2: Okay, now I'm settled into a a good speed.  The sun is shining and it is beautiful out I done yet?  When I get to this point on the way back, I'll be sooo close!
Mile 3: Uh oh.  This doesn't feel like a great run.  Am I done yet?  MB, pull it together, this is a great day for a long run.
Mile 4: Really?  I have to run by an amazing breakfast place where people are eating outside, laughing, and enjoying themselves? smells so good!  Oh man, this just means when I turn around I'll pass this again.
Mile 5: I'm half way there.  Ooooh...livin' on a prayer!  (Go ahead, start singin') Well my half way point was actually 5.1.  By going an extra tenth of a mile before turning around it gives you some walking/cool down time when you get close to home.  Believe me, it's worth it!
Mile 6: Oh man!  That chick is bookin' it.  That was a good time for some motivation, especially as I pass that restaurant again.  Yes, you're past half way, but you still have 4 miles to go.
Mile 7: And I have officially hit a wall.  Why won't my legs pick it up?  Eh, maybe it's payback for going to bed after midnight.  Okay, I promise, I'll treat them better next time, just get me through this run.
Mile 8:  Ugh.  That silly bridge going over the road is going to take so much energy to get over...and it did!  Alrighty, only 2 miles.  So close.
Mile 9: I turn onto a new road to head back toward my house, and whoosh!  Right into the wind.  I'm glad I didn't think about this at the start of my run, but with 10-15 mph winds, it wasn't so fun running into it.
Mile 10: Last mile!  Yes, it's done!  So glad I can cross this run off my schedule, and move on.

So there you have it.  The ups and downs of running.  At least I know that next week's long run can only get better!

Don't you think school is like running sometimes too?  There are days when you feel like nothing can stop your students.  They are doing so well, mastering their learning targets, and getting along.  Then, all of a sudden, on a random day, you think what on Earth happened to them!

Proof My Product
And for those of you who read all the way to the could proofread one of my products! I worked on a counting coins game yesterday, but want to make sure that it's accurate.  I'll pick three people to proof the game, and then I'll send it to you once it's perfected!  All you have to do is follow my blog, leave a comment with your email address so I can send it to you, and be ready to proof it in a timely manner!  Here is the game I need help with!

TBA Freebie
It has been brought to my attention by a couple of TBA blog followers that the freebie I added for the Teacher Appreciation Labels is not linking correctly.  It's linking to someone's store that I don't even know, and it's not free!  Ahh! If any of you are visiting my blog from TBA, you can click here and find it for FREE!  
During Teacher Appreciation week, these labels help you put your own spin on a great time and appreciate those that you work with everyday!  

Don't forget to stop by TBA to find some of my freebies, but also hundreds of others!  What a great little Spring Treat for everyone! :) 

Alrighty, gotta run and enjoy this last beautiful day before school starts back tomorrow after a long, joyous Spring Break!! Have a great week!



Heather S. said...

I already follow your blog and would love to proofread for you. Money is something I am constantly reviewing with my students and this would be great for them.

Heather Salsman
Teaching Through Turbulence

Steph said...

I follow your blog and would love to help you out!

First Grade Carousel said...

Thanks for the running commentary. I can relate, I've had some tough ones myself. They are the ones that make the good runs so much better!
First Grade Carousel

louise zirk said...

I would be happy to proof your new product for you.

Amanda Zanchelli said...

Loved your commentary. I only did 3 miles today and found myself saying many of the same things! haha I also ALWAYS go out past my halfway point at least .1 or .2 of a is so much happier on the back!

Good work with your running...less than a month out! :)
Learning to the Core

Shannon said...

LOL! That sounded a little like my conversation with myself when I ran my half marathon back in February. BUT-I thought I was dying from mile 8 to 13!! Seriously! :)

I Run Read Teach