Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Running in honor and memory...the next 26.2 are for you, Boston!

I had planned to blog about my run last weekend, and some great events at school, but none of it really seemed appropriate at this time.  Through school, sports, and running I have found many other fellow runners.  We share stories, quotes, race details, etc. along our running journeys and are all part of larger community who understands the effort and dedication that goes into training...just as many of you do.

I can't even imagine what it might have been like to be watching friends, acquaintances, and loved ones cross the finish line with pure joy and excitement in mind to only have it ended with such tragedy.  I wish there were words, but there really aren't any.  A college soccer buddy of mine was running Boston, had already finished, and was heading toward the airport when his phone started buzzing with texts.  His blog post about the race shares the type of atmosphere Boston provides for its runners...simply amazing.

Another friend of mine went to Boston College.  His BC friend and wife were at the finish line spectating.  They were both injured.  Both went to the hospital. Both had their left legs amputated.  Both didn't find out about their spouse's condition until today because they were sent to different hospitals.

As I pray for those who were running, watching, volunteering, cheering, etc. I want us all to think about how we can run in honor and memory.  For me, it's going to be running the next 26.2 for Boston.  Whether it's 4 miles here, 6 miles there, the next 26.2 will be for Boston.  Whatever it may be for you, use this tragic event to put your kicks on, hit the street, and do what so many will never be able to do again.  Use this as your motivation to make your life better in honor and memory of others.

The quote below seemed most appropriate to share with you all tonight.
"Marathoners push themselves for a whole host of reasons. To test their physical and psychological limits. To raise money for worthy causes. To compete. The next time this -- or any -- marathon is run anywhere in the world, they will run for yet another reason. To show that the power of communal achievement can be beaten on one day, but not on most days and never indefinitely. And that is what makes sense on a senseless day."

May we go forward this week, and remind our students of all of the GOOD that is around us each and every day. Perhaps you can join in on the 26.2 for Boston movement through walks and runs of your own.

Gotta run...the first of my 26.2.


Update since posting an hour ago...I went for a 4 mile run in honor and memory, but it was so much more than that!

As I was changing clothes, I decided to get my USA on.  It seemed appropriate and right.  

Then, as I was heading out of my neighborhood, there was a double rainbow (there is another one above the one you can see) and sunshine (after a very dark, stormy day).  God is great!  He shows that in darkness, there is always Light.  Thank you for making my first 4 miles of 26.2 a reflective time for me and a Glorious running occasion.

Sorry, I had to add to my post and share about my experience.  It was a very moving run.


Aimee V. said...

As a fellow runner, I couldn't agree more! I ran the Chicago Marathon last fall and decided it would be my last. Now I have this overwhelming need to run another in support of Boston. Such a tragedy!

Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

First Grade Carousel said...

I ran my first 2 miles last night. Thank you for your thoughtful post.
First Grade Carousel

Miss Wilson said...

Thank you for such a heartfelt post. I have just started to get into running since last summer and have always thought anything more than a 5k was too much for me. Now since the Boston tragedy I've been feeling more and more compelled to be a part of something bigger. You won't be alone in your running. :)

Miss Wilson

Erin Beers said...

Thanks for such an inspirational post. The story of the couple is heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers are with them. I have the good fortune of being on maternity leave, so I will tackle that 26.2 and keep the miles coming!

Mrs. Beers' Language Arts Class