Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pinteresting Reading Ideas!

Good morning!  I have really enjoyed Just Reed's Ten Pin Linky because I've been able to Pin so many other great ideas!  This week's focus is on reading, and who can't use more resources for reading!?!?  Let's get started on my 10!

1. I really like this anchor chart for writing about reading.  It outlines expectations and ideas in an easy and simple way.  I'm thinking that modeling what this might actually look like and then posting those models around the chart would be helpful too.

2.  We use The Continuum by Fountas & Pinnell a lot in our reading instruction and to guide our mini lessons and questioning.  This chart outlines what within, beyond, and about the text questions might look like when reading any book.  I love how transferable these are to most books!

3. And...we all know that even in K and 1, we're encouraging our students to find the answers in the text.  As they get into 2nd grade and beyond our expectations head into writing about the evidence.  I love this quick and easy reference for sentence starters to help.  I'm thinking this will be especially helpful in my ENL world!

4.  This is a quick and easy game reviewing Nonfiction Conventions.  There is a primary version and an intermediate version based on your grade level.   This is a great game for review and making learning fun!

5. I just love this bulletin board where it shows active readers.  I'm imagining so many different things that can be posted in front of these sweet recommendations, book summaries, character analysis, etc.!

6.  This pin shows a huge reading bulletin board that appears to be school-wide.  As I came across this pic, I thought it would be really fun to send students home with a sheet to fill out over the summer about a book they read.  They can then bring these back at the ice cream social or first week of school.  We would post a large board with all of our summer reading and learning!  What a great way to celebrate students' continued work.

7. I love the idea of a picture frame for several reasons.  It's easy to store flat, the contents can be changed easily, and it looks clean and organized.  I especially liked this one because part of it can be changed daily for the "must do" activity, and the other activities are a bit more permanent.  Easy to use!

8. Well,  I'm putting this link up here, because it's a professional reading idea I think all should pursue.  I posted here about Teach Like a Pirate last week, but what I thought was so cool was that the author, Dave Burgess, commented on my blog!!  Now that is why he is so dynamic!  He connects with everyone, whether in his classroom or via the web!  How cool!

9.  I liked this interactive vocabulary activity.  It reminds me a lot of the game Headbands, but there is a sheet that goes with the activity to assist students figure out their word.  Not only does it help the student with the word, but it makes the other students think about the true meaning in order to answer the questions.  

10. I love how organized this library is (I think it's before school has started), but also the volume of books and the cute lanterns hanging down.  I think a big, organized library is crucial in a classroom.  I like how inviting the area is for students and how easy it will be for her students to find books!

I hope you've enjoyed my 10 this week for reading!  I gotta run to the grocery and get ready for the 4th!    Have an awesome holiday tomorrow!!



Brandee Green said...

I really like the evidence based anchor chart. :) I re-pinned. :) Thanks.
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Rebecca said...

I just repined 2 and 4! Thanks so much for sharing :)

resource room roundabout said...

Great ideas! I really liked the bulletin board ideas.