Saturday, June 29, 2013

July Currently, Teach Like a Pirate, and a Giveaway!!

July Currently
Woop Woop!  It's that time's Farley's July (I can't believe I'm saying that!) Currently! Part of the reason I hate saying it is that I go back to school on July 15th!  Ahh!

My tip, trick, or hint is just to be you.  In whatever you are doing, blogging, creating, teaching, or hanging with friends, just remember who YOU are!  You are what make YOU special!!

Don't forget to link up with Farley, and all of her awesomeness, this month!  Never done her Currently? Just dig in and try's super fun and you "meet" lots of super cool people.  Oh, and she's super cool, and will post her Currently to dropbox a bit early so you can be preparing.

Teach Like a PIRATE

Okay, so last week I posted here about how excited I was about my new book purchases, one of which was Teach Like a Pirate.  Well, my order came in, and I've finished the book!  Let me just say, it was very fast read, and I loved every minute of it.  What I love about Dave Burgess, the author, is that he connects all of his theories and topics to real world examples that we have all experienced.  It makes it easy to read, but also easy to connect to.

I have to admit, I also had a rockin' place to read about half of the book (although the back of my legs are not appreciating the lack of reapplying sun screen!).

One of the pieces he writes about are all of the different types of hooks you can use to engage your students.  As I was reading, the one that particularly struck me was the Costume Hook.  Dressing up like a character or a person from history, or making up a character that would fit your content.  I've been cooking up a list of "characters" I might be able to be this school year!  I think this could be fun!

Burgess also has really good quotes in his liners that make you say, huh? or Wow! or Why didn't I think of that?!

A couple of them are:

1.  "I'm suggesting that when delivering first instruction, especially to struggling learners, you need to leave the comfort of the lounge chair or lifeguard tower and jump into the water with your students."
    * This quote came from the Immersion chapter where Burgess talks about being fully present, even    when watching videos in the classroom.

2. "However, one of the big secrets and shortcuts to engagemetn is to spend less time trying to get students interested in what you are presenting and more time making connections between what you are presenting and what they are already interested in."
  * This piece came from the chapter on Rapport.  I love that Burgess explains how to get to know your students and how to build rapport with your students.  He doesn't just say to do it.

This is an EXTREMELY short list of "ah-ha" moments for me in this book, but I thought I'd share just a little bit with you.  If you have the book, pick it up and read it.  Now!  If you don't, order it.  Now!

Bloglovin' Giveaway Reminder!
Just a reminder to join my giveaway and join me on Bloglovin'!  It's pretty easy, and you get 5 of my TPT products!  Woohoo!  My giveaway ends tomorrow night, so hop on over!

Alrighty, gotta run!  Stay tuned for my 4th of July 4.5 mile run with my sister!  We're getting patriotic and decked out for a fun run in our town!


Suzanne said...

I always have a summer reading list, too. Wishing you well as you start back to school. 2 weeks is 2 soon LOL!

Krazy Town

oh' boy said...

oooooh the house of smith just posted some grey paint choices... she is very crafty go check her out :)

Daliene Hendon said...

I want to paint my new home (whenever I find one) lol a grey color. Pinterest has some great paint ideas so I am always in the mood to decorate. Wimbledon makes me think of Kate and Pippa. lol :)

Mrs. Reed said...

We go back on July 29. SO I feel your pain!
Flying into First Grade

Alisha Colon said...

I listened to Wimbledon yesterday. Despite the grunts & yells it was surprisingly soothing as background noise! :)

Have a great weekend!

First Grade Follies

Miss Nelson said...

I need to get that book. Love your tip

Jennifer said...

I need to check that book out now. :-)

Darling Little Learners

Tchur8 said...

I've been hearing so much about this book...I need to check it out!

Andi said...

We just painted our nursery a beautiful light gray and I LOVE it. It is from Benjamin Moore and it is called Harbor Gray. We were also considering Benjamin Moore's Metropolitan, which is a darker gray and also very pretty.
Have a great run and enjoy your last two weeks of break!
Happy Fourth of July,

Emily said...

I just finished Teach Like a Pirate. Read it in a day - so good! I also need to paint... ready to redo some of the rooms that we painted 10 years ago when we moved in.

I Love My Classroom
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Paula Shaw said...

What a great blog post. I am off to search for that book.
Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

Mrs. Lindsey said...

I'll have to check out that book! Have fun painting! I can't believe you only have 2 weeks left. Live it up!

Lovin’ Kindergarten

Heather said...

I have never heard of that book so thanks for sharing! I found you on the linky party and I'm your newest follower, Heather
Good Luck at Your RUN!!

Dave Burgess said...

Hi Mary Beth!
Thanks for blogging about Teach Like a PIRATE and linking up with blog hop. I'm hoping you'll fill us in on some of those characters you've been brainstorming about after they make guest appearances in your class.

Also love your reading location!!

Miss Trayers said...

I just ordered that book, glad to hear it was worth breaking my book-buying probation for! :) I have actually read a few books on my list already too-love that feeling!


Run Teacher Run! said...

Oh my gosh! What a cool author you are, Dave Burgess! This is what makes your book and you, as a teacher, so dynamic! Thanks for reading, and reaching out to the web to find all the people enjoying your book this summer...and all the students who will now benefit!

Heather Temske said...

I love the feeling of accomplishment when I get things off of my to do list. I wish you the best with your return to work very soo.

room 4 imagination

Jennifer Tice said...

Can't wait to see what your posts all year as you break out into costumes! Summer over in two weeks? How early do y'all start school?! My summer is flying by way faster than I want it to!

Rowdy in First Grade

Rebecca said...

Just stopping by for July Currently. I haven't done very well working my way down my to-read list this summer. Good for you! Happy 4th of July!

Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,