Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday with 5 $1 Deals! and Giveaway Reminder!

At times it seems that it's been a crazy week, and then other times I sit and think wow, I have time to go to the pool! :)  This week I came across some great $1 deals, and I thought I'd just use 5 of them for today's post!  I hope you can use them!

I've been working on some wedding shower invites for my future sister-in-law, and I hopped into Michaels to get some supplies (well....I hopped in about 3 times this week!)  Each time, I kept finding cool things for $1 or LESS!!

1.  Let's get started!  The first item I was most excited about were these stamps!  They have different fonts, uppercase, and lowercase.  They are fairly small, but you get all 26 letters, and some punctuation for only $1!  Shoot, you can buy 5 sets in case they get lost, and you're still good! I saw these in a Word Work station for Daily 5. 


2. Another item I found was a brand called Scentos (reminded me of Mr. Sketch), but they are big markers and I love the faces on them.  I could easily use this for checking work, assignment notebooks, or something fun that the students write with during the day.  Oh, did I mention these were on clearance for 49 cents!  YEP! $0.49! They had highlighters, markers, and outdoor chalk holders. 


3. I stocked up on some of these twisted erasers because there were 3 in a pack and were also on sale for $0.50!  I knew I'd be glad to have these when it came time for Birthdays, special moments, Christmas, etc.  I think the lady at the cash register thought I was nuts!


4. The next thing is something I hate to spend a lot of money on, but is probably one of the most meaningful things I keep stocked in my desk!  Whether a teacher, parent, administrator, or friend, you need blank cards in your desk!  These were packs of 6 for $1 and I thought the designs were really cute.  Whether a teacher or friend did something great for you or is having a rough day a simple 16 cent (yep, that's how much they would each be!) could make all the difference.  I also liked to use these for parent volunteers every now and then too!  


 5. My final thing is these handy dandy punchers!  They are kind of funky shapes, but that's why they are on sale!  They're easier than stamps because you don't need an ink pad, and kids think they are pretty fun.  If I still had a classroom of my own and checked assignment notebooks, this might be one of my methods.  I also might use it for students to punch their paper after they've put their name on it.  It might be an added incentive for name writing!  :)


 I hope you've enjoyed these Dollar Deals today!  Michaels changes their things out, and I'm sure it's based on what each store has, but it might be another place to add to your list!

Don't forget to enter my Bloglovin' Giveaway!  Check it out and see how you can win something of your choice from my TPT store ('s pretty easy)!

Gotta run, its' FRIDAY!!!  Have a terrific weekend!


Brandee Green said...

I love the hole punch for notebooks idea. Where did you find them? I happen to love the funky shapes. ;)
Creating Lifelong Learners

Run Teacher Run! said...

Brandee, I found all of this at Michaels! One stop shop!

Bethany Hunter said...

Looks like you had some awesome finds! I think I need to take a drive to Michaels!

Hunter's Tales from Teaching

Julia Flint said...

I love those stamps!!! Need some of those!

I am your newest follower :)

The Army Wife Teacher

Jennifer Laffin said...

I was at Michaels' myself this morning and came home with a few things from the clearance bin. Good thing it's a bit of a drive to get there....I might move in!

Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

Sandy Welch said...

You had a good time shopping! I like the Scentos. Someone else posted about them also. Actually, all your finds were pretty darn good! Have a great weekend!