Thursday, March 29, 2012

Award, Colts Blue, and Lunch Linky Party!

Since my husband was a guest blogger yesterday, I had put off thanking Marissa from Wild about First Grade for this Lovely Blog Award!  Holy Cow!  THANK YOU!!! I always see some of my idol bloggers who get these awards, and they totally deserve it, but when I get these things it just makes me appreciate everyone in the blogging world.  Thank you Marissa!

Today was our last day of school before Spring Break!  Praise.  The.  Lord.  Blue, the mascot from our good 'ole Indianapolis Colts came for an amazing program about Kickin' It Outside, in the classroom, and kicking out bullying.  We had a blast, and Blue is Hilarious.  However, I was chosen to participate in one of the activities.  Only after I got up there did I find out we would be judged based on our best Touch Down Dance!  Yikes!  I love to dance, but not in front of 400 students, all the staff, and without an adult-friendly beverage in hand!  Anyway, the day is over, my time in the spotlight is over, and my dance moves were definitely for the record books.  Maybe even legendary.  

Finally tonight is 4th Grade Frolics Lovely Lunchbox Linky party!!  And even better, she is doing a giveaway for getting close to 1,000 followers.  To top that she just made it to 1,000 tonight!!!  Way to go Tara!

So here is my lunchbox!  A Vera Bradley lunch bag.  I have 3 different ones in case I leave one in the car or at school, which always happens!  I worked at a Vera Bradley store part time, so I accumulated some "damaged" items while working there.  Now I get to forget my lunchbox and not have to brown bag it! 
My staple go-to lunch:
1.PBJ (yes, I am a child at heart, or at stomach)
3. String Cheese
and the best part....
4. my daily Dr. Pepper
(my students even know about my slight obsession, and I am known to get them as gifts from students...sad, very sad)

**Our school is WAY out in the country, so ordering lunch in or going to get it is not an option.  Making my lunch is a hated morning ritual, but much loved by the bank account since I can't eat out!**

Click on the link above to Link Up with Tara's wonderful blog and Linky Party!  

As for me...I'm off for Spring Break, but not going anywhere!  I'm looking forward to reading, organizing, guest blogging, and finishing up a unit or two.  Stay in touch!


Becky said...

That looks just like my lunch, - the yogurt and add some grapes! I am a new follower! I found you at the lunchbox linky! Come check out my blog sometime!
Teaching, Learning, & Loving

Tara said...

Thanks so much for linking up:) I love Vera and can't get enough (although, can't afford a ton) I don't think I would have a pay check left if I worked there:)

4th Grade Frolics

Lauren 'Cheese' Martz said...

Just so you know... i was looking through the pics and was like ohhh there's the pic of mb with blue .. wait where am i. i couldn't recognize myself.. i look like a dude in this pic. hahah! i'm glad this isn't a video of us actually dancing! ahhhhhh