Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Community Day, Synonyms, and Scout's Birthday!

As a part of our social studies curriculum we talk about community workers and how they contribute to the greater good of our community.  To jazz up the day, we decided to have the students dress up as community workers, and it was great!  My love of dogs has obviously poured out with 3 vets and a dog  trainer.  
Thanks to a great friend of my husband's I was able to talk about how military people serve our community even if they are far away through my outfit.  Now I also know why soldiers' legs are ripped!  Those boots are heavy after just one day!  I can't imagine wearing those in training!
 I loved that we had matching police officers, and they didn't even plan it.  We knew we would be safe today!  
The creativity of the community artist was great too!  They took an old shirt, slapped some paint on it, cut out a Pizza Hut pizza box, and made it into his paint tray.  

My teammates are awesome and came up with some fun activities to go with the day.  They had to fill out job applications, create a name badge, and interview each other.  It was really fun watching them try to be "professional" when asking each other questions!

Ahh!  Pinterest inspired synonyms!  With our CrAzY summer-like weather recently we felt like we were back tracking a bit on the first day of spring yesterday!  However, we celebrated the start of spring with a garden of synonyms.  I wrote a word in the middle of each flower.  Then I had a synonym of that word written in another flower (ie. strong and determined).  I passed out the flowers and the students had to find their partner.  With their partners, they found three more synonyms and drew pictures of these words. 

My favorite moment was when a student said that their pictures were all the same!  My reply, "That's how it should be!  They are synonyms!"

And finally...Happy 4th Birthday Scout!  I couldn't leave my running buddy out on his big day!  This was pure torture for this picture.  He had to stay, watching his little cupcake doggie cookie, while I snapped a photo.  Happy Birthday Big Guy!


Danielle said...

Your little community workers look adorable. Also love the synonym flower activity.

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TammySF. said...

Your blog is GREAT!! I'm your newest follower! Found you through the "linky" :) Hope you'll stop by my blog!

Kaylees Education Studio said...

Your garden of synonym flowers looks great.