Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This Should Be Interesting...My husband is a guest blogger!

Here goes the Mr....

Some of you may wonder what I do since my wife’s life has been consumed by blogging and TPT. Some of you may not care… but either way, I shall tell you.

Generally, our evenings together start out relatively status quo (except for Thursday, It’s guy’s night at BWW.) I usually end up cooking dinner, and then Mrs. Riley complains about cleaning up; even though this has been a standing agreement since day one (this agreement only pertains to her when I cook. After dinner, we head to the family room where a very specific set of elite TV shows have been set to record. But, in my opinion, even if they are recorded, we MUST watch them in real time. The Mrs. usually agrees, but ALWAYS agrees when it comes to the Bachelor series. If that is on, I am banished to the upstairs, where I must watch my shows in real time, without rewind, pause or high definition. I know, I know, it is terrible.

During this time, she is usually blogging (unless it’s the bachelor.) She blogs, and checks TPT, then blogs, then checks TPT, then grades papers, then blogs. The pup and I are pretty much on our own during this time. I talk to him, he looks at me… This works though, because my TV shows are on, and she is distracted doing her thing. At some point, inevitably, she will say something about the show, the room temperature, ask me to read names and scores to her so she can enter them into the grade book, etc. This is the worst part of the night for me; why you might ask? Well, the reason is, it is ALWAYS in the middle of a crucial point in my shows, the one part of said show you cannot miss, or you will not understand what it going on. We usually laugh about it, I rewind, and off we are again without a hitch.

On a side note, one of my favorite things is when she says to me, “I can’t wait to blog about this;” or she will stop and take a picture so she can blog about it later. I work in IT, and I understand the importance of blogging for SEO (search engine optimization - added/edited by Mary Beth for thos non-IT people!)  purposes, but I do not understand blogging for fun; however, I know she enjoys it, and I am happy she has found her calling. I randomly get emails forwarded throughout the day of a confirmation email saying one of her products have been sold on TPT with the tag lines, “Boom,” “Money bags,” and “Booyah.” These crack me up every time.  I guess to become a teacher, it isn’t a job, it’s a passion and your life. I admire both of those things about her and can’t wait for her next blog entry. Until I blog again...


Tammy said...

I enjoyed your guest blogger. I think it was very sweet of him. :)

❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Run Teacher, Run! said...

Ha! Glad you enjoyed it! I think he secretly would love to have a blog, so he gets to live through me tonight!

Mrs. M said...

I loved this! My husband is not quite so understanding with my blogging obsession. =) Lucky you!


Petie said...

What a lovely blog - sounds much like my house however I don't blog as religiously as you do.

I think I am going to start a teaching blog - looks fun but I'd want to make sure I have an audience!