Monday, November 26, 2012

Freebie Nonfiction Conventions Game, I Have...Who Has? games, and Cyber Monday!

My most-loved free item in my TpT store is my Nonfiction Conventions I have...Who Has? Game that reviews all of the conventions.  After a recent request to add more terms, I have revised the first one and added an "advanced" version!  The primary version (labeled PV on the cards) includes 14 cards.  The advanced version (labeled AV on the cards) includes 27 conventions.

Oh, and the best part?!  Both games are FREE!!  Yes. Free!!  

Here are few reasons why I love I have...Who has? games:
1. Every student is involved!
2. It's a game, so students love them, even if they are learning along the way.
3. They are perfect for a Sub Tub since all of my games come with a directions card that is the same size as the other cards.
4. Give groups of students a full set and have them work together to put the cards in the correct order.  Groups can race against each other, or just use it as practice.
5.  Leave it at a station or center for individual students to work through independently.
6. Students love to play beat the clock, so play as a class and try to beat your time each time you play.

Oh, and don't forget the Cyber Sale on TpT!!  I know, I would be hard to miss it with all of these great sellers!  Enjoy 20% off of my store, plus the extra % off from TpT just by using the code: CMT12!  Happy, happy shopping!

Have a great week...I need to go shop!

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