Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Currently and Math Awareness Month Freebie (no joke-it's Free!)!

Happy, happy April!  Man, I've been waiting for this month for a long time.  Well, maybe I've just been waiting for the weather associated with this month for a long time!  I'm starting the month off with Farley's wonderful Currently and celebrating with a math freebie for Math Awareness Month!

I think a lot of people can complain about the weather, but we're finally celebrating warmer temps here in Indy this week!  Woohoo!!  Because of the crazy weather and enormous amount of snow days, our district has actually extended the school day by 14 minutes to make up three snow days.  Teachers now go from 7:56-3:55.  They added 4 minutes to the start of the day and 10 minutes to the end of the day.  Some districts around us actually added 50-60 minutes to the day to make up the hours of 4 or 5 snow days.  Our district will now get out on June 4th, although I'm home until I head back in July!  Love that I get to hang with my baby boy for that long!

And now for the math FREEBIE!  If you've read my blog before, you know that I love math!  What's better than Math Awareness Month then?  I've created a math game for 3D shapes to celebrate the month.  Who knows, maybe if I get motivated, I'll offer a different Freebie each week in celebration!  Any games you'd like to have?

I hope you all enjoy the Freebie!  Don't forget to leave some love if you download it or share with others who you know might be able to use it.

Gotta run...remember, I said I was going to take advantage of the day!  


T said...

Thanks for the freebie, Mary Beth!

I'm am so excited for this weather too. It's the perfect time to have a staycation! Since this is the first nice week in our area, I'm so glad to be able to take advantage of it.
Enjoy your pedicure! I had one scheduled for today with a friend, but she went into labor! I guess I'll let her reschedule...

Jane said...

Hi Mary Beth,

The math freebie looks great, and I'm sure kids would love it.

Glad to hear your weather is warming up in Indy - we are still cold here in WI.

Enjoy the time with your baby - sounds cute!

Learning in the Little Apple

Krista Mahan Teaching Momster said...

Glad it is finally warm in Indy for you! It is actually raining here in Cali today (still warm, and we really need the rain!). Enjoy the great weather with you little man! And, that is an awesome freebie! Thanks for sharing!

Teaching Momster