Friday, June 20, 2014

Five for Friday

It's Friday!  Now usually I'm pretty excited about Fridays, but during the summer, sometimes it makes me think about how few Fridays I actually have left...and for, it's only 3 after this (YIKES)!  Here's what I've been up to this week!

Father's Day!  This was the first Father's Day for my wonderful husband.  I often tell people that I've never loved him more than when I watch him with our little boy.  To be truly honest, there is nothing, NOTHING, that I could get him that would come close to how much he means to our little man and me.  So aside from a cheesy frame with a picture, I wanted to do something meaningful.  So...I went to my good friend iMovie.  Well, actually, I've never made an iMovie, but what better way to learn!  

It's only been 3 months, but we have TONS of pictures of the little man.  So, I put together some of our favorites, some that were taken during meaningful times, some that he didn't know I had taken, along with some videos, and put them all to music with text of what little man has learned from his daddy during his short life.  Things like he can trust him, he knows he'll be there for him.  I was really excited to watch it with him on Father's Day morning, and although I wanted to take a picture of the moment, it would have ruined it.  Happy Father's Day, babe.  You deserve it!  

And now, a little less sappy! Well, I'm finally sitting down to truly dive into this book.  I've taken notes in it, skimmed it, and used pieces of it, but I feel like I need to read it front to back and soak it all in.  
Have any of you explored this book?  Thoughts?

PBL Conference!  On Wednesday and Thursday I attended a 2-day conference all about PBL.  It was terrific, and about 10 teachers from my building went too.  It was a great planning time for them.  Teachers were encouraged to pick 1, yes, just 1 standard, and then develop a PBL unit around that 1 standard.  I will continue to share out more, but here are a couple of the brief outlines for their units  (again, I said brief!)

After teams of teachers started working through their units, we then went through the THINK TANK process with a larger group of 10-15 teachers and a facilitator.  This was the process we used to go through their units.  It is a FANTASTIC process, and the teachers were able to gather a lot of new ideas to make even more meaningful connections and understandings for their students.  This protocol, and a lot of other PBL resources, can be found at  

We hired a new superintendent this week!  We really loved our superintendent, who is retiring (and deserves every minute of her relaxing retirement!), so a new person in charge can definitely be a bit scary.  Although she comes with great references and everyone has terrific things to say, the unknown can be a bit nerve wracking.  So I will remember this...

And finally, the rain has stopped!  We have flash flood warnings around here, but I can finally go out with the baby for a walk now that the sun is out.  Peace out, friends!  Have a wonderful weekend.

Gotta run!

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