Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Two for Tuesday!

I'm joining a bunch of other great bloggers for Two for Tuesday with The Teaching Tribune!

They have a "Summer Bloggin'" series, and it makes me want to sing it to the tune of "Summer Lovin' Had me a Blast!" Maybe I should add Grease to my summer bucket list...it's been a while!

Image: dressedtoa.blogpress.com

Okay, so back to Two for Tuesday...bloggers will put 2 products ON SALE for at least one day!  I'm choosing my NEWEST and my MOST WISH LISTED products!

Newest product: I'm going to offer up my brand.spankin.new product that I just uploaded yesterday for just $0.75!  It's a Measurement game for reading rulers to the inch and half inch.  It'll be on sale for Tuesday and Wednesday.  Leave me some TpT lovin' too if you download it.

Most Wish Listed Product: Looking to get started with something new next year?  Student Led Conferences and Data Binders could be the thing.  This is originally $6 and will be on sale for $3 for today and tomorrow!  Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!
78 pages for $3.00!

Okay, don't forget to go back to the Summer Lovin' link to see other bloggers and their discounted products!

Gotta run!

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