Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Two for Tuesday!

I'm pretty excited about the Two for Tuesday Linky and the two products I'm posting at 50% off today (and probably tomorrow, too)!

1. Math Games Super Pack (Addition and Subtraction) Originally $5...yours for just $2.50 today and tomorrow only!!  All of these games follow the I have...Who has? format.

The games included  are:
1. Addition Facts (0-18)
2. Subtraction Facts (0-18)
3. 2 Digit Addition without regrouping
4. 2 Digit Addition with regrouping
5. 2 Digit Addition with and w/o regrouping
6. 2 Digit Subtraction without regrouping
7. 2 Digit Subtraction with regrouping
8. 2 Digit Subtraction with and w/o regrouping
9. 2 Digit Addition and Subtraction w/ and w/o regrouping
10. Basic Multiplication Facts (Bonus game!)

2. Student Posters for Standards of Math Practice (CCSS)  Usually $2.50...yours for $1.25!

 Two different versions to fit into various classrooms.  
There are two sets, one uses primary grade level wording, and the other is more intermediate.  

Grab the games or the posters while you can, and be ready for next year! Check out The Teaching Tribune for other sellers and their products that are 50% off!

Alrighty, well I gotta run!  Have a great Tuesday!

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