Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Currently!!

And it's June!  Every month I ask myself, "how did that happen?!"  I'm joining up with FarleyFarleyFarley for her June Currently!  And by the way, peeps, this is probably the longest lasting (and most successful) linky EVER!  I don't even know when she started, but talk about building up a reputation for a linky.  Farley totally deserves it, too!

1. This is my trashy outlet for a sometimes stressful life.  I admit, it's total trash, but I can't deny my enjoyment of it!

2. LOVING - so I left my old school two years, and I hate that I don't get to see those kiddos anymore. This past week, though, some of them wrote letters to me as they were "graduating" from elementary school.  Although I'm sure this was an assignment, it was still awesome!  The things they remember about my class are hysterical.

**Yes, I cried on the last day because I was leaving this class and a great school! Oh, and we did a dance to Dynamite every time the class did Dynamite on something.  
 3. THINKING...I don't know what it is about being able to lay out the towel and swimsuit from my baby's first swim, but it makes me feel American in some way.  I love looking out there and thinking of his smiles in the pool.

4. We love sitting on our back porch.  I wish there was a TV out there so we could watch our favorite shows and still enjoy being outdoors.

5. Maybe it's the maternity clothes that I'm packing up that make me want a new wardrobe, but my summer clothes are lacking big time!  Wish I could go buy some clothes, but I think I might go overboard.

6. Summer Bucket List - mostly self explanatory, but I have some books I want to read for school.
 • Teaching with Tablets - school book study and easy, short read!

 • Essential Questions - follow up to our study of Understanding by Design
 •  My NCTM magazines...they have great articles, I just never have time during the school year.

Alrighty, I gotta run!  Have a wonderful week!


Kimberly Ann said...

That is so sweet that your old students wrote letters to you!

Kimberly Ann
Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

Grade 4 Buzz said...

I DVR Bachelorette - it is past my bedtime! Lol!
Grade 4 Buzz

Literacy Teacher said...

We added a patio to our backyard and I always say how nice it would be have a tv in the back to watch.. but then I think we'd miss the beauty of the weather. It's always a short summer here in NY!

Glitter Is Everywhere said...

I love getting letters from former students! They are always so precious! Enjoy your summer! :)