Thursday, January 26, 2012

100th Day Excitement!

Well today was a blast!  You know when you have those days when the kids walk out at the end, and you are totally exhausted?!  Okay, well it doesn't happen every day, but today was one of them!  I had so much fun watching my kids enjoy each other, get along, and celebrate 100 days.

I've never done much with the 100th day coming from 3rd grade, but they were asking me all week what we were going to do. I decided to do some last minute things, and was very glad that I listened to my kids on this one.

We start our day with math.  I gave my kids post-it notes and they had 5 minutes to come up with as many ways to make 100 as possible.  Our goal: 100 different ways to make 100!  We were successful!  The kids loved this, and it also helped review concepts of money, place value, three addends, etc.  We went around the room, and if someone called out one of their ways, they had to crumble it up and throw it away.  This definitely encouraged them to get creative so that they wouldn't have to throw them away.

Hard at work, and trying to beat the
 5 minute timer!
Final product!

After we got to 100, we then used a 100s chart to make a smiley face using number clues to figure out the design.  The second 100s chart was Pinterest inspired (sorry, I don't remember who!).  Each student  rolled a die, and colored in that many spaces.  Then they chose a different color, and rolled again.  They colored in that many more squares.  The goal: Figure out how many rolls it takes to get to 100.  

Here is a copy of the sheet I made (remember, I decided to do 100th day activities last minute)!!  Freebie

In the afternoon, we had to figure out how many things we could complete in 100 seconds.  They did things like clap, blink, count to 10, and sit down and stand up in 100 seconds.   I found this online, but couldn't find a paper copy.  I recreated it very quickly!  Don't judge the last minute, "non-blog quality" Freebie!  It gets the point across. :) Freebie

One student trying to write his name as many
 times as possible in 100 seconds!  Their hands were tired!

We finished the day with a 100th day newsletter, but I forgot to take pictures at the end of the day.  Some of them are HILARIOUS!  I'll update with some tomorrow.  Until's Friday jeans day and the Hoosiers are playin' ball!!

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It's a great and tiring day!
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