Friday, January 27, 2012

Followin' Up and Linkin' Up!

Last night, I promised to take some pictures of my kids' 100th Day Newsletter.  I love the picture this one did of her gravestone in 100 years!  This student said, "I made it night time so it would be scary, because if I'm alive then, I'll probably be scary!" these kids!

Love that this girl decided she would definitely need a walker in 100 years.  

I chose this last one because I would love for this kid to be a rocker with this electric guitar someday!  Selfishly, I would hope for some free concert tickets!

Finally, I'm linkin' up with HappyDally for her picture book giveaway!  She wants to know what our favorite picture books are! I had to pick two, but for very different reasons.  

My students' pick: They absolutely love this book, and would be okay with me sharing pictures from it on a daily basis.  I couldn't leave it out! 

My personal pick: This book reminds me of my grandma and my brother.  My grandma passed away when I was little, but the only gift I remember getting from her was this book.  The best part was sitting on a big, brown, leather chair and her reading it to me.  I can still picture that spot in my head.  Secondly, my big brother (and by big, I mean 20 years older than me) would always read Dr. Seuss books to my sister and me.  Instead of reading it and enjoying pictures, he would read it flawlessly as fast as he could.  Have you ever tried it?  Impossible!  I still don't know how he read Dr. Seuss so fast!


Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

hey - my sub just sent me pix of my kids doing your newsletter - and I just posted about it tonight! weird :)

♥ Jen
The Teachers' Cauldron

Kelly said...

I just came across your blog and was so excited to find a teacher and a runner:) I am training for a marathon in June right now.

Stop on over to my blog sometime!
"Kindergarten Kel

happydally said...

Thanks for linking up! :) I am a wannabe runner during summer break ;)

Run Teacher, Run! said...

So glad you guys stopped by! Kelly, good luck with your training! Is it your first? Happydally, I like to say everyone is a runner, just some are in training. Remember that!