Thursday, January 5, 2012

Motivation for the blog...Running!

I thought I'd share the motivation behind the psychological and physical design of the blog!  Since my blog is called Run Teacher, Run! I figured I needed to write something about running at some point.  Here it is!  I trained for and ran my first marathon in October.  It was always something in the back of my mind after playing soccer in college, and knowing that at one point in my life I had some sort of running stamina!

As I began teaching and getting out of playing soccer, I ran some of our schools 10Ks that the PTO organizes, and did several half marathons, but I always wanted to do the real deal.  Knowing that consistency with running isn't my forte, I called on the people I knew would support me the most.  We met for dinner, and I conned all 5 of them into running the marathon with me!!  We started a blog and wrote about our long runs, how we worked in the hours of running with our full-time jobs, and what type of gear was working for us.  I realized that writing the blog helped keep me honest and stay consistent!  Therefore, when thinking about what I wanted to do post-marathon, I wanted to be more consistent with running, and not just do it when I'm training for something.  Loving the feel after I finish a run, and knowing that my classroom is a haven for me, I thought I should combine them into one blog!  Therefore, psychologically, I know that my followers (as many or few of you as there are!) are counting on me to write something about running, just like my girlfriends did when we were training.

The second part of the blog was the physical design of it.  There are TONS, and I mean TONS, of really cute blogs out there.  Some have spent money to create custom designs, but that's just not in the cards for me right now, so I needed something personal, that I knew I would look forward to updating!  Then it dawned on RUNNING SHOES!  When training, I needed a new pair of running shoes halfway through, and when the salesman came out with my shoe in a bright pink design I was sold immediately!  They are my typical running shoe, but with an awesome color combo!  

So there you have it!  I know I have people counting on me, and I have colors that are personal, but I love them!  


Karen said...

Congratulations on your first marathon! I would like to run, but have knee problems so I stick to walking. A fellow teacher and I like to participate in 5K's. (walking them!) and we coach our Girls On The Run team at our school. If you have never heard about GOTR check it out! It is a great program that ends the season with a 5K.

Run Teacher, Run! said...

Any exercise is great! I will definitely check out that website. Thank you!