Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Workout Blues

A friend of mine had texted me to get together on our long outdoor trail that runs through our town yesterday.  I committed last week, but the weather was FREEZING!  Hello!  It's mid-January in Indiana...what was I thinking!  It made me think of how to get motivated despite the winter weather.

My advice for the winter workout blues:

1. Plan to meet a friend.  Even if you don't do the same things, set a time, and meet up! Thanks to Lindsey, I made a commitment yesterday.  I may have bailed on myself after my 30 minute recess duty, but I knew I couldn't let her down!

2. Treat yourself to some winter apparel that you LOVE.  This could be something that you can wear to the gym to look good, or an awesome outerwear piece to workout outside.  Here is my winter motivation!  A black and pink (do you see a trend here?) puffy vest.  For all of my friends who read this, they know I like am obsessed with puffy vests, so one for running is even better!

3. Find a dog!  Luckily, I have one, so he's a great companion, but he has been known to be on lone to some friends who enjoy running with a dog.  Believe me.  If you don't have a dog, others would love you forever if you took their dog for a walk or run.  The dog's energy will be sure to get you going.  Unfortunately, my dog knows what my running shoes look like, and expects to be taken every time!  Here is my chocolate lab after our workout with his HUGE bone.  The Mr. just could not resist buying it for Scout.  Oh, and he was hoping to bring IU some luck last night, but that didn't work!

4. Find a quote, image, memorabilia from a past race, etc. to put up at work or at home.  Think about where you lose motivation.  Is it at school? In the car?  When you get home?  I found this poster on Pinterest, and thought it was perfect to put in my car's cup holder.  Once you get out the door, you are good to go, but something little might just help get you there.  So post something that strikes a chord with you in a place where you are least motivated to stay on track.

5. Put a good cd in your car for the ride home so that it gets your body going and energized.  Only use the cd when you're getting ready to workout so that it doesn't lose its luster.

What else do you all do to get through the winter time blues?


Jen R. (The Teachers' Cauldron) said...

ha! you need to change it to "get a dog that LIKES to run" lol..because my dog has to stop every 2 seconds to pee on everything...or sniff it..I can't even go for a WALK with him (to get exercise)..ha!
The Teachers’ Cauldron

Tammy said...

Reward yourself with a trip to Costco to eat free samples afterwards. That's what my best friend and I do after a long run on Saturdays. :)
Forever in First