Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Student-Led Conferences

Student Led Conferences are something I have done since my first year of teaching, but I have tweaked, altered, overhauled, etc. over the past five years into an ongoing thing that I really CHERISH.  This year, I finally decided that I wanted to make a Data Binder with my kids that we would first use for our conferences in October.  From then on, we would continue to update all of our information, spelling and math tests, reading levels, writing rubrics and pieces, behavior self-reflections, etc.

First, our conferences in October are 30 minutes long for each student with 15 minutes overlapping with another student/family.  The first 15 minutes of their conference they share their Data Binders with their parents (after A LOT of preparation and practice), and then the second half I join them to discuss any questions they had while going through the Data Binder, and also give them their report card.  My time with them is focused more on actual academic abilities based on their data thus far.  It is GREAT, and it starts the year off on the right foot.

For the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters they arrange a time to take their Data Binder home and share it with their family.  I have LOVED the way it has evolved this year, and my kids really enjoy taking their sacred Data Binders home.  **Shining Moment!** One of my students reflected on her conference and said, "My favorite part about my conference at home was that I got to be with just my parents and talk about me. My brother and sister were already in bed, and we talked all about me!" Her excitement for this special time made all of the work at school worth it!

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I finally put all of the resources I've used, plus some other sheets that others might find helpful to create a 66 slide product on TpT.  I mention several times in the unit that we can arrange a plan for me to create charts/graphs that go with the others, but focus on data that your school collects.  

Do any of you do student-led conferences?  I know that this is a bit past due, but for those of you who want to get started, I thought it would get your wheels turning for next year! I'd love to hear what all you guys do for them!


Lisa at Stories From Second said...

What a wonderful idea! I love this! :)
Stories From Second

Jen R. (The Teachers' Cauldron) said...

these look awesome!
The Teachers’ Cauldron

Run Teacher, Run! said...

Thank you! My kids love it too...that's the best part!

Tammy said...

I'm following! I knew it was a must when I saw your blog's header. I'm a teacher/runner too! No marathons for me thanks, but 13.1 is fun!

Forever in First

Jbutela said...

Can these be put onto a PowerPoint? My students do their student led conference with PowerPoint and I would love to use these and have them fill in the information that they are going to share.